Upper Body

Upper Body

We know you dream of the perfect, flat stomach, those gorgeous, nicely toned thighs and nicely chiseled arms, but somehow you always fall short of achieving your targets. This can change for the better with the highly effective BioFlex Aesthetics Body Contouring Treatments that adapt to every contouring need of your body. Whether you want to get rid of your love handles, sculpt gorgeous and perfectly cupped breasts or want to eliminate stretch marks, you can have all of that and much more with our wide range of body contouring treatment options. Our processes are non-invasive and completely safe so you get a chiseled, attractive body without feeling an ounce of pain. The cherry on the top is that our sessions are no more than 30 minutes long and you can notice remarkable improvements after a single session only.

Upper Body Treatments

BioFlex Aesthetics deals in a wide range of Upper Body treatments


Let the CAVI-GT work its magic on your abdomen and transform it from a flabby one to the flat, perfectly tucked in abdomen you have dreamt for so long.


Bid goodbye to your flanks forever with the BioFlex Aesthetics flank contouring as our cutting edge equipment break down fats cells under your skin tissue and eliminate them quickly.

Love Handles

With the Dermolipo, cellulite reduction is super easy and convenient. Getting rid of love handles is not an issue at all with BioFlex Aesthetics body contouring process.

Bingo Wings

Exhausted with trying several exercises to tone your bingo wings, but your efforts always end in vain? Now is the time to try BioFlex Aesthetics contouring for bingo wings to get real-time results.

Breast Tightening

Your desire for the well-rounded, firm and gorgeous breasts is only a treatment away. Yes, BioFlex Aesthetics breast tightening process can make your dream come true in only a few sessions.

Stretch Marks

Frustrated of seeing stretch marks appearing from every corner of your body? Well, let the BioFlex Aesthetics stretch mark treatment take care of this problem and your body to beautify it for good.

What Sets Us Apart?

We know you love your body which is why we make sure to offer you only the best, most effective and safest body contouring processes only. At BioFlex Aesthetics, we only know to care for our clients. We make certain you get the best treatment process according to your particular issue so you can sculpt exactly the kind of body you want. Here’s what stands us apart in the industry:

At BioFlex Aesthetics, we prioritize your health and wellbeing the most. To ensure that you have the most comfortable experience with us, we have a range of cutting edge skin cooling machines like the MSWT Ice that relaxes and cools down your skin to so your skin only stays fresh and calm after the treatment. Moreover, our equipment and processes improve your metabolism and blood circulation that ensure you leave our facility healthier than before.

The complete range of BioFlex Aesthetics services are completely pain-free and yield amazing results instantly. All the upper body contouring services we offer are efficient and leave you feeling and looking younger, more toned and beautiful than ever. So you get the perfectly sculpted body without feeling a tad bit pain.

Every BioFlex body contouring treatment process is incredibly quick and efficient. Our fantastic range of body contouring equipment such as Cyclone RF- S, Dermolift ST. Dermolift FT, Cavi GT, Dermolipo RP, VDFU Ice-Body and MSWT Ice help you lose 2 to 3 inches off your body within 20 to 30 minutes only. These results are unmatched because everywhere else, it takes at least an hour to achieve them.

At BioFlex Aesthetics, we take complete price in having extensive technological synergy that is achieved by combining state of the art facility with high tech equipment and processes. From the CAVI- GT to the Dermolift FT, we have the best equipment that gets rid of cellulite from your body within minutes so you enter and leave our facility with a smile on your face.

Results & Benefits

Everything you have ever wanted in your body can actually be yours. The BioFlex Aesthetics upper body contouring treatments are amazing and that’s because they help you get:

Well-toned Body

The perfectly chiseled upper body won’t remain just a dream with the BioFlex Aesthetics upper body contouring.

No Stretch marks

Improve the look and feel of your upper body by clearing all the stretch marks with the BioFlex Aesthetics stretch mark removal treatment.

Chiseled Arms

Sculpt your arms just the way you want them to with the BioFlex Aesthetics arm and bingo wings treatments.

Tighten Your Breasts

The perfectly rounded and smooth breasts are only a treatment away with the BioFlex Aesthetics breast tightening treatment.

Flat Tummy

Your desire to have that flawless, tucked in tummy can easily come true with the BioFlex Aesthetics abdomen treatment.

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