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Skin Whitening Treatment Procedure

Do you have dark patches on your skin or blemishes that you want to get rid of? If yes then the skin whitening treatment procedure is probably for you. Skin whitening or skin lightening treatments make your blemishes and dark spots go away. If you don’t have blemishes or dark spots and you just want a lighter skin tone then you too can go for skin whitening treatments. 

But here’s the thing. Skin whitening creams that are used extensively don’t usually serve the purpose. They are also harmful if they have chemicals such as hydroquinone in them. There are many skin whitening creams with natural ingredients. Although they aren’t harmful, they don’t usually give the desired results. 

So what’s the most effective skin whitening treatment? You can go for cosmetic procedures that lighten your skin tone with no side effects. If the procedure is done by professional dermatologists with proper aftercare then you will surely get the desired results.

Skin Whitening Treatment at BioFlex Aesthetics

Gluta + Vitamin C

Best skin whitening treatment that combines glutathione and Vitamin C.

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BB Glow

Micro-needling therapy technique to brighten and lighten your skin effectively.

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Microdermal treatment that hydrates, cleanses, and brightens the skin.

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Face PRP

PRP therapy stimulates the growth of new cells that give a whitening effect on your skin.

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Why choose us for skin whitening treatment?

What is it?

Skin Whitening Treatment and Possible Side Effects

Skin whitening treatment is used to treat blemishes and uneven skin tone. You can also opt for one to get a lighter skin tone. The melanin in your cells is responsible for the dark tone of your skin. Melanin is a chemical that protects your skin from cancer and harmful sun rays as well. In skin whitening procedures, the melanin in the cells is reduced or melanin-producing cells are destroyed. In other procedures, the upper layer of skin is removed to get a new layer, lighter in tone than the previous layer. 

If you want to apply skin whitening creams that contain chemicals then rethink! Using chemicals such as hydroquinone in the skin can result in severe side reactions. Your skin might get permanently damaged. Hydroquinone is also fatal for the fetus in pregnant women. 

A much safer and effective skin whitening treatment procedure is through cosmetic procedures. Treatments like hydrafacial, BB glow, and face PRP lighten your skin tone fast. Also, they don’t have any side effects. You should opt for an expert dermatologist and get your treatment done with positive results. Bioflex Aesthetics is offering a complete range of skin whitening treatments in Islamabad and Karachi.

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