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Who doesn’t want to have smooth and hairless skin? But it seems nearly impossible if you have thick, unwanted hair. They regrow even if you remove them every week. Usually, you don’t have time to shave them but you have to as there’s no choice. But guess what? Now with aesthetic skin hair removal treatments, you can get rid of this unwanted hair, forever!

Two of the most famous cosmetic procedures that offer hair removal are laser hair removal and electrolysis hair removal. Both act on hair follicles to weaken the hair root and thus hair falls off. Laser treatment isn’t a permanent solution but is great if you want to have thin hair and slow growth. However, electrolysis treatment is a permanent hair removal technique.

But before going to try one of these procedures, you should know which one is suitable for you as you might damage your skin otherwise. For example, not all skin types are ideal for laser hair removal technique. Also, you can have side effects. So, you have to consult an expert doctor to know which method is suitable for you.

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Laser Hair Removal

The heat of the laser acts on the hair follicle and destroys it. Laser hair removal slows down the regrowth process.

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You can have thick or thin unwanted hair based on your genes. Whether thick or thin, you surely want to get rid of them forever. As then you don’t have to spend your time and money in salons to get these hair removed every few weeks. Now, you can go for certain treatments that are safe and guaranteed to give you long lasting desired results!

Getting rid of unwanted hair is not easy. The hairs regrow as long as the hair follicles are intact. So, you opt for skin hair removal tips that destroy these hair follicles so that hairs don’t reappear. For that, you can opt for safe aesthetic procedures that are promising. Laser hair removal is one of these treatments. It’s not a new technique, however it has proven results. Skin hair removal laser treatment acts on hair follicles and removes hair. However, laser technique doesn’t remove hair permanently. That being said, it surely slows down the regrowth process and the hairs become weak and thin, making it less visible and easier to remove next time around.

Laser hair removal gives the best result on fair skin and dark, thick hair. However, you can consult your doctor to see if you’re a good candidate for this procedure. An expert doctor will guide you about which skin hair removal treatment is suitable for you and how many sessions you would need to get the best results.

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