Skin analysis

Skin Analysis

Dig Deeper into Your Skin with the BioFlex Aesthetics Skin Analysis

We at BioFlex Aesthetics offer cutting edge technology to help you understand and discover your skin better. Our skin analysis system facilitates us in gauging your skin’s health as well as in reaching effective skin diagnosis and prognosis. This gives us and you a clearer picture of your skin’s underlying issue so you can better decide the treatments you should invest in.

Benefits of the Treatment

Let us reemphasize all the reasons why you need the BioFlex Aesthetics Skin Analysis for your skin.

Identify damaged skin problems

Our skin analysis will help you in detecting your damaged skin and problems

Know your skin type

Identifying the different skin types such as oily, dry, sensitive or a combination

Schedule your plan

We will help you in recommending a tailored skincare and treatment plan

Save time & money

Instead of consulting different doctors, know the exact skin problem and instantly treat it

Know More About Your Skin with Our Advanced Skin Analysis Machine

Age is just a number, but you cannot deny the fact that you do worry when your skin starts to give away your age and you look years older than your actual age. This happens when you don’t take enough care of your skin. Certainly, time does affect your skin quality, but if you pay better attention to your skin’s nourishment needs, you can easily prevent early aging and have youthful, soft and gorgeous skin.

Find out what skin issues you have with the state of the art BioFlex Aesthetics skin analyzer.

Find out what skin issues you have with the state of the art BioFlex Aesthetics Skin Analyzer

With time and improper care, your skin loses a lot of collagen, moisture and elastic. This leads to wrinkle formation especially around areas the move a lot such as your mouth and eyes. They are similar to fine lines, but run deeper than them. With our most advances skin analysis machine, you can know the more about the deep down wrinkles your face has. And our consultant can help you in recommending the best treatment accordingly.

Closely related to wrinkles are fine lines that usually appear at the start of the skin ageing process. They are smaller and shallower than wrinkles and are associated with frequent, repetitive movements like smiling, frowning, laughing or squinting. They are generally easier to treat than wrinkles. Find out how deep your fine lines are with the BioFlex Aesthetics skin analyzing process to get the right treatment for them.

Acne outbursts attack you when the hair follicles in the skin are clogged with dead skin cells and oil. It results in blackheads, pimples and whiteheads that appear on the forehead, face, upper back, shoulders and chest. While it affects people of both genders and those of all age groups, it is common among female teenagers. The BioFlex Aesthetics skin analyzer helps you better understand your acne so you eliminate it for good.

These are hair follicle openings that provide an outlet for the release of body toxins and perspiration. Enlarged and open pores are more visible than the closed ones and trap oil, dirt, dust and other impurities easily that clogs them and also leads to other skin problems such as roughness, dryness, skin discoloration etc. Identify the best treatment for your skin pores through the BioFlex Aesthetics skin analyzing process.

As you age with time, the pigment cells in your skin aka melanocytes multiply fast and often cluster together to make up age spots. These spots appear mostly on skin areas that are frequently exposed to sun such as cheeks, forehead and back of your hands. Find out whether you need BioFlex Aesthetics HIFU or radiofrequency by getting the BioFlex Aesthetics skin analysis first.

Your skin stops producing enough natural moisture as you age. This causes the uppermost skin layers to dry out that leads to skin roughness and dryness. However, you can get silky soft skin easily with the BioFlex Aesthetics skin rejuvenation treatment.

Discolored or pigmented skin patches are areas on your skin with visible difference in skin color. They can develop due to skin inflammation, injury and illness, but are also caused due to irregular melanin levels in the skin. Melanin is a chemical that gives color to your skin and safeguards it against the harmful UV rays from the skin. An overproduction of the chemical in a certain area results in skin discoloration in that particular spot. Find out your skin’s exact pigmentation state with the BioFlex Aesthetics skin analysis today.

Also known as acne scars, pick marks or skin dents, pockmarks are concave shaped blemishes on the skin that appear as indentations or holes on the skin. They are caused by damage inflicted onto the deeper layers of your skin and give your skin an uneven, ridged appearance. Easily do away with your pockmarks with the BioFlex Aesthetics facial fillers, but first get it analyzed by the high-tech BioFlex Aesthetics skin analyzer.

The wrinkles deeply etched right around the corners of your eyes are known as ‘crow’s feet.’ They feel more pronounced on your skin and are predominantly caused by loss of collagen and exposure to UV rays. The BioFlex Aesthetics skin analysis helps figure out how deep your crow’s feet run so you get the best treatment for them.

These are skin creases that generally appear around the outskirts of your eyes and mouth. They are caused by repetitive facial movements such as laughing, smiling, frowning and similar expressions. With time, they are etched deeper in your skin that mostly makes you look older than your real age. Get your beautiful laughter back easily with the BioFlex Aesthetics laughter line reduction.

As you lose moisture from the skin and as the collagen production is reduced, your skin loses its firmness and elasticity that makes it sag. It adds years to your age and gives it an unattractive appearance. To get the best treatment for the issue, take the wise step forward by getting your skin analyzed today with the BioFlex Aesthetics skin analysis process.

As the dead skin cells build up on the skin surface, the youthful glow gets compromised. The skin tone appears darker than usual. Also, your skin renewal drops by 7% every 10 years which basically means you produce a smaller amount of new skin cells to replace the dead, dull layer. This affects the suppleness and glow of your skin. Get your perfect BioFlex Aesthetics facial rejuvenation today to get fresh, glowing skin.

Perceived to be caused by exhaustion or staying up late at night, dark circles are mainly caused by skin thinning below the eyes. If you let the BioFlex Aesthetics skin rejuvenation treatment take care of your skin, the dark circles ultimately reduce in severity.

The lower layer of the epidermis layer of the skin slows down its production of cells with time. This thins out the epidermis as well as the dermis making your skin more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles. If you don’t already know, your skin has 3 main layers: epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin that serves as a waterproof barrier and also create your skin tone), dermis (the second layer that comprises of the robust connective tissue, sweat glands and hair follicles) and the deeper subcutaneous tissue aka hypodermis (a layer made of connective tissue and fat cells.) To get the most flawless skin, find out how much skin thinning you need with the BioFlex Aesthetics skin analysis process.

These problems add years to your skin, but with BioFlex Aesthetics by your side, you can mitigate them easily. Book your BioFlex Aesthetics skin analysis appointment today to get the most beautiful skin ever!

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