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Radiofrequency Rejuvenation

Surprisingly, signs of skin aging can start as early as the ‘20s. To slow down and stop the skin aging, you can opt for radiofrequency rejuvenation to solve all your age-related skin problems! Radiofrequency is a promising aesthetic procedure that helps in total rejuvenation, giving you youthful and flawless skin.

The procedure of radiofrequency is done by an expert dermatologist. The skin layers are heated using radiofrequency to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin; proteins that make your skin tighter.

The skin layers aren’t heated too deeply. You may need a few sessions to get your desired results. Radiofrequency facial is a great way to stop skin aging at a younger age or to slightly improve your aging skin, later.

Who is it for?

Who Needs Radiofrequency Facial?

A common requirement is radiofrequency skin tightening under eyes. You can also get radiofrequency to treat the following problems:

Skin aging
Skin aging

Radiofrequency rejuvenation solves your skin aging problems by boosting collagen production.

Sagging skin
Sagging skin

You can get firm skin with radiofrequency treatment to get your youthful skin back!


Radiofrequency is effective to treat acne and acne spots using safe radio waves.

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Benefits of Radiofrequency Facial?

Wondering why to opt for radiofrequency? Here are some great benefits of radiofrequency over anti-aging creams and other techniques.


Step-by-step Process

1. Preparation

A radiofrequency gel is applied prior to the treatment.

2. Heating the skin

Safe radiofrequency waves heat the skin to boost collagen production.

4. Aftercare

After the session, you can go home. Avoid sun exposure.

3. Cleansing

The skin is cleansed properly to remove excess dust and oil.

Our Technology

Radiofrequency Technology

A handheld radiofrequency facial device is used for the entire procedure. This modern device emits radio waves at the targeted skin area to heat the skin layers. Before the treatment begins, a radiofrequency gel is applied so that the probe can slide easily over the body. Our Multipolar radiofrequency device is used to stimulate collagen production, toning and lifting, and improving fine lines. This device is used for three purposes, with three different heads. Dermolipo RF is used to stimulate collagen and elastin production, Dermolift FT for face tightening, and Dermolift ST to improve fine lines. Our Cyclone RF technology combines Multipolar RF technology with rotating technology for complete facial and body contouring. This radiofrequency rejuvenation diminishes age spots and gives you youthful skin by slowing down the aging process of your skin.


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