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Some parts of your body are meant to store excess fat if required. This causes obesity and you’ll notice extra fat on various parts like thighs, butt, arms, chest, love handles and your belly. If you’re looking for some ways to reduce excess fat from your body then you’re at the right place. Here, you will come to know about some safe and non-surgical fat removal techniques. These aesthetic procedures are done by qualified doctors and you will notice the difference quickly as compared to exercise.

The stored fat in certain parts of the body is not easy to get rid of. So, you will need a few sessions of these non-invasive fat removal techniques to notice the difference. But these procedures involve no incision or harmful chemicals, so you can give them a try and see for yourself how effective they are.

Non-surgical Fat Removal Procedures At BioFlex Aesthetics


Cavitation fat removal method that uses ultrasonic waves to melt fat. It's safe and non-surgical.

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It's a safe technique in which high intensity focused ultrasound is used to permanently melt and damage fat cells.

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Non-surgical fat removal options

Fat accumulation in your body doesn’t only make you look obese but can also cause health problems in the future. Some body fat like chest fat, arm fat and armpit fat is harmless, but excessive belly fat can cause health problems. So it’s better to look for ways to get rid of body fat to be in good health and shape.

Here, we’ll discuss various non-surgical fat removal procedures. You can opt for these techniques if you can’t spend hours exercising and want results after a few weeks.

HIFU fat removal is one of the non-invasive procedures that destroy fat cells permanently without damaging your skin. The whole procedure is done without any cut. You may need to have a few sessions of HIFU before noticing the results. This treatment offers a multitude of further benefits such as skin tightening and smoother skin.

Ultrasonic fat removal, or cavitation uses ultrasonic waves to melt fat. This is also a promising technique to burn fat quickly.

All these non-surgical fat removal techniques should be performed by expert doctors in a well-equipped aesthetic clinic.

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