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Non-surgical Arm Fat Removal

Fat concentrated on one body part is very hard to melt. That said, if you’re looking for non-surgical arm fat removal then it’s possible. Through aesthetic procedures, the arm fat can be melted, giving you slim and toned arms.

Arm fat accumulates as a result of obesity but it may not go away completely, even if you lose weight. You can try to exercise and reduce arm fat through weight lifting, diet and cardio, but if you want toned arms fast – then you can try arm lift techniques. Aesthetic procedures melt arm fat without a cut. With these treatments, you can lose arm fat in 2 weeks!

Non-surgical Arm Fat Reduction at BioFlex Aesthetics


Ultrasonic cavitation targets small areas of the body where fat is deposited. Cavitation reduces sagging arms with no cuts.

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The heat waves are directed to melt arm fat. The melted fat cells are then absorbed by the body through the following weeks.

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Why choose us for arm fat reduction treatments?

What is it?

Causes and easiest way to lose arm fat

Fat accumulated in certain areas of your body is stubborn and hard to lose. Arm fat accumulated on arms doesn’t go away easily either. Women tend to have more arm fat than men, that’s because women tend to store fat in their arms, thighs, butt and belly, whereas men tend to store it in their chest, belly and love handles. Arm fat accumulates as a result of obesity, with the majority storing under the arm (also termed as bingo arms). This underarm fat is hard to melt, even with exercises (especially for women).

Upper arms fat can be reduced with some routines such as weight lifting, diet and cardio, but the results aren’t guaranteed. Another way to get rid of arm fat is through surgery. Liposuction isn’t preferred by people as a cut is made and recovery is difficult. There are many after-effects of surgery, so surgery isn’t a good option for arm fat removal.

If you really want to get rid of arm fat fast, then you can choose non-surgical arm fat removal. The aesthetic procedures melt the fat easily without any cuts. It’s safe and effective. You can also try exercise and a healthy diet along with these procedures to fasten the process and keep long-term results. It’s better to consult an expert dermatologist or physician to have guidance about these techniques. Your doctor will guide you about how many sessions you need and what to expect after the treatment.

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