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Non-invasive Belly Fat Removal

Belly fat is the most common fat that accumulates due to obesity, pregnancy and certain diseases. Are you looking for some non-invasive belly fat removal options? The good news for you is that now you can get your slim belly back with non-surgical procedures that melt belly fat effectively.

Belly fat is a stubborn form of fat that doesn’t go away easily with exercise and a healthy diet. Even after long sessions of workouts, you might feel little to no difference. Liposuction is another treatment to lose belly fat, but it involves incisions and recovery is difficult. It also comes with risks and side effects. So, it’s better to be on the safe side and opt for non-surgical ways that reduce belly fat significantly./span>

Belly Fat Treatment at BioFlex Aesthetics


Cavitation is a non-invasive, ultrasound belly fat removal technique to melt belly fat. The fat cells are absorbed by the body.

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The heat waves are directed to melt stubborn belly fat effectively. The face cells are then naturally removed by your body.

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Why choose us for belly fat removal?

What is it?

Causes and ways to remove belly fat

Belly fat accumulates in the body as fat tends to deposit in specific body parts. It is caused by being overweight or obesity. The fat easily stores in the belly, making it larger. Another cause of belly fat is pregnancy. After delivery of the child, the belly doesn’t come back to its original size due to this belly fat. Belly fat also accumulates in case of certain long-term illnesses like type II diabetes and heart diseases. In this case, belly fat makes the illness worse and it’s important to lose it fast to improve your health.

You can try various exercises and cardio for belly fat removal. But the matter of fact is that belly fat is stubborn and it takes weeks and even months to see the difference. Even then you’re never completely satisfied with the results.

So what to do to get rid of belly fat fast? Let me tell you that surgery isn’t the first option here. You can choose non-invasive belly fat removal techniques that melt fat without incisions. The aftercare is also easy and minimum side effects are involved. One of these procedures is ultrasonic cavitation. In this technique, fat is melted with ultrasonic waves. The fat cells are absorbed by the body, and hence you get a slimmer belly. You can remove belly fat in 1 week with this method! It really depends on how much belly fat you have and how many sessions it would take to see the difference.

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