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Mesotherapy Injections

Do you want to get rid of extra body fat without surgery? Now possible with mesotherapy injections that reduce cellulite in various parts of your body. Not only this, mesotherapy is used to treat various skin problems for a complete skin rejuvenation. 

Mesotherapy for skin is a non-invasive procedure that is performed by an expert dermatologist in their clinic. It’s performed at BioFlex Aesthetics by our expert doctors in a hygienic environment. 

During the procedure, your doctor will inject hormones, enzymes, herbal extracts, and vitamins. These injections work on the middle layer of your skin, mesoderm. Mesotherapy is effective as it naturally stimulates collagen production and removes extra fat from the body. Your doctor will call you for more than one session, depending upon your condition. Appropriate mesotherapy aftercare will be given to you by your doctor.

Who is it for?

Who Needs Mesotherapy Treatment?

If you’re looking to reduce fat from any particular area, brighten your skin, and reduce aging effects then go for mesotherapy for skin.

Fat Reduction
Fat Reduction

Mesotherapy fat reduction reduces cellulite with advanced non-invasive techniques.

Skin Whitening
Skin Whitening

Removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates your skin.

Skin Tightening
Skin Tightening

Boosts collagen production to tighten your skin.

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Mesotherapy Benefits

Mesotherapy is a technique performed by expert dermatologists. It’s benefits include:


Step-by-step Process

1. Numbing

To ease the procedure, the doctor might apply numbing cream or local anesthesia.

2. Healing

You might experience redness, this goes away after a couple of days.

Heating the skin

Safe radiofrequency waves heat the skin to boost collagen production.

3. Injection

Vitamin, hormones, enzymes, and herbal extracts are injected in the mesoderm.

Our Technology

Mesotherapy Technology

Mesotherapy injections for face are usually applied with the help of a gun that injects in a row. The doctor injects the extracts 1 to 4mm deep in your skin, depending upon your skin condition. These tiny injections infuse a small droplet with each shot. These mesotherapy injections are infused in your skin to remove fine lines, wrinkles, double chin, excess fat, and under eye circles. You may be called for more than one session to get your desired results. 


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