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lOWER Body

Are you frustrated of not fitting into your favorite pants because of your chubby inner thighs? Do you have to buy oversized pants because your buttocks just won’t fit in a regular-sized one? Are you exhausted of trying several diets and not losing a single inch off your lower body? We at BioFlex Aesthetics feel your misery which is why we have the most impeccable solution for you. With us, you get a complete range of lower body contouring treatments that give you absolutely beautiful and dreamy inner thighs, outer thighs and buttocks. The thigh gap reduces immensely and your stretch marks gradually leave your body as well giving you the utterly gorgeous, smooth and well-toned body. The end result- you get the most flawless thighs and legs ever and move steps closer to achieving your dream body.

Upper Body Treatments

BioFlex Aesthetics deals in a wide range of Lower Body treatments

Inner Thighs

Carve purely beautiful and toned inner thighs with the BioFlex Aesthetics inner thigh treatment in only a few sessions to fit in any dress you want.

Outer Thighs

No need to exhaust yourself by working out for hours and starve yourself for weeks. Get the BioFlex Aesthetics outer thigh treatment and enjoy flawless thighs easily.


Easily reduce several inches off your bulky buttocks and transform them into the perfect round ones you have always wanted with the ultimate BioFlex Aesthetics buttock treatment process.

Thigh Gap

If you experience great discomfort because of zero thigh gap, let us take care of the issue and give you a lovely thigh gap with the BioFlex Aesthetics lower body contouring process.

Stretch Marks

The pesky stretch marks scarring your lower body can easily stop haunting you once you start getting the BioFlex Aesthetics stretch mark treatment for the lower body

Why Choose Us?

Years of diet and exercise often fail to give you the flawlessly gorgeous and attractive thighs and legs you yearn for. Plus, these options never help get rid of the stretch marks on your lower body that only remind you of your pain and sabotage your beauty. Let us take care of these troubles for you with our whole range of BioFlex Aesthetics Lower Body contouring treatments. With us, you only get the best treatments and here is why you must choose us.

Often, lower body contouring treatment processes leave people flustered with skin rashes and conditions. This won’t happen at all once you trust our adept team and our range of top quality treatment process at BioFlex Aesthetics. Our extensive range of skin cooling equipment including the MSWT Ice ensures to calm down your skin during and after the treatment so it does not experience any rash or itching.

We believe in treating our customers with care which is why we deal in only noninvasive and safe processes that yield 100% painless results. Whether you get inner the BioFlex Aesthetics inner thigh or outer thigh contouring treatment, you will not experience an ounce of pain and only feel pleased looking at your beautifully carved legs.

All you need to do during any BioFlex Aesthetics treatment process is to close your eyes and relax for just 20 to 30 minutes. When you open your eyes, you will only be amazed at the magnificent results clearly visible on your body within just half an hour. Our cutting edge technological equipment such as Dermolift FT, Cavi GT, Dermolipo RP, VDFU Ice-Body and MSWT Ice make this easily possible for you.

BioFlex Aesthetics is a trusted name that has fashioned its reputation by providing the best and most effective high tech noninvasive treatment. We invest in the most sophisticated and innovative equipment like the Dermolift FT and Cyclone RF-L that provide you with instant results and only improve the quality of your skin, body and consequently your life.

Results & Benefits

We make sure to only give you excellent value in exchange for your time and money. With BioFlex Aesthetics, you enjoy the following benefits:

Sculpted Legs

Get those gorgeous, slender legs and thighs you have dreamt of for years with the BioFlex Aesthetics lower body contouring process.

Round and Small Buttocks

If your large buttocks make it difficult for you to enjoy a comfortable life, get them molded into small, round and attractive ones with the BioFlex Aesthetics buttock treatment.

Increased Thigh Gap

The BioFlex Aesthetics thigh treatment ensures you get a reasonable thigh gap so your thighs stop brushing against one another making it difficult for you to sit easily.

Smooth, Clear Skin

Getting rid of stretch marks has never been this easy as it is with the BioFlex Aesthetics stretch mark removal process.

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