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LED Laser Light Therapy

LED laser light therapy is growing in popularity. From celebs to your family and friends, you will notice many people are giving it a try. Let’s see what it is for and is it worth a try? 

LED laser light therapy is a procedure that is done in aesthetic clinics. Light of varying wavelengths is directed in the skin to rejuvenate the skin and eliminate aging effects. Blue, yellow, and red LED lights are used to treat various skin conditions. Your doctor will decide which light to use depending upon your skin needs. Let’s look into the LED light therapy colour benefits

Red LED light therapy – or infrared led light therapy targets the upper layer of the skin and stimulates collagen production. It makes your skin regain its elasticity and eliminates aging effects. 

Blue LED light therapy is used to treat acne. For that, blue light targets the sebaceous (oil) glands and reduces oil production to stop acne outbreaks. 

Yellow light therapy benefits include boosting your collagen production by giving energy to the cells (targets the deepest skin layer).

All the lights are safe and the treatment is non-invasive.

Who is it for?

Who Needs LED Light Therapy?

The type of light used depends on your skin condition. LED light therapy is robust and can help rejuvenate your skin in many ways.


Blue LED light therapy is used to treat acne by reducing oil content.


Red LED light is used to boost collagen production and minimize wrinkles.

Aging effects
Aging effects

Yellow and red lights are used to enhance skin elasticity and reduce fine lines.

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LED light therapy benefits

LED light therapy helps to make your skin smooth and youthful without the use of harmful chemicals. Benefits include:


Step-by-step Process

1. Cleansing

Deep cleansing is done to remove oil and dust particles.

2. Exposure to LED

Yellow, blue, or red LED light is used to treat your skin condition.

Heating the skin

Safe radiofrequency waves heat the skin to boost collagen production.

3. Aftercare

Your doctor will guide you if you need aftercare.

Our Technology

LED light therapy technology

In-office LED light treatment is done by making you lie down under the lights or use the LED light wand. The wand is moved over the skin for almost 15 minutes and you’re done! Your doctor will call you every week. After your whole treatment is done, you can still go for maintenance. 

At BioFlex Aesthetics, we offer LED laser light therapy to give you the best results. You’ll get smooth and youthful skin with no side effects at all. 


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