Hyperpigmentation Removal

Are you experiencing dark spots on your skin that don’t go away? These are age spots, acne scars, or freckles, and the condition is called hyperpigmentation. You must have been trying over the counter creams in the hope of hyperpigmentation removal. But the fact is these creams are usually not effective. Even if they lighten the dark spots, they can pose serious side effects. These creams contain hydroquinone – a skin whitening chemical that can cause serious after-effects. You can make your skin more dark or sensitive. Also, hydroquinone is hazardous for the fetus in pregnant women. 

So, what’s the best way to treat hyperpigmentation then? Now, there are modern and safe ways through which you can get rid of dark spots and get even-toned skin. Pigmented lesion lasers are used to remove excess pigment from your skin without scarring.

Hyperpigmentation Treatment At BioFlex Aesthetics

Green Light Therapy

Green Light is the best hyperpigmentation treatment that lightens the dark spots to give you a brighter complexion.

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LED Light Therapy

LED breaks the melanin clusters. It gives you a brighter skin tone and evens out the pigmentation.

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Why choose us for hyperpigmentation treatment?

What is it?

Hyperpigmentation Treatment and Causes

Hyperpigmentation is the condition in which your skin has dark spots that spread unevenly. These dark spots make your skin look dull overall. They are also called age spots, dark spots, acne scars, and freckles. 


Hyperpigmentation spots are caused by various reasons. You can get dark spots when the pigment melanin in your skin forms clusters. These clusters appear dark in color. Melanin accumulates in the skin as a result of filling acne scars or not preventing your skin from harmful sun rays. The age spots are formed when the melanin-producing cells increase in the skin as a result of the aging process. Hyperpigmentation after laser hair removal is also very common, it occurs as the melanin accumulates in the empty hair follicles.

There are many treatments for hyperpigmentation. Although it’s not a harmful condition, it makes your skin look uneven and dull. Many OTC creams claim to be the best hyperpigmentation face treatments but the fact is that these creams come with serious risks involved. The chemical found in this cream, hydroquinone, has various side effects that make your skin condition even worse. So it’s better not to try these creams without the doctor’s prescription. 

You can opt for safe, non-invasive procedures for hyperpigmentation removal. These treatments expose the skin to safe laser and LED lights to remove melanin without any side effects.


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