Hifu for Body

Hifu FOR Body

HIFU for Body is the high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment directed towards getting rid of extra fat cells in the body without inflicting any harm onto the skin surface. A skin tightening agent is used to uplift and tighten the body’s skin so you get that soft, glowing and younger looking skin you have always wanted.

If you are looking for HiFu Body treatment in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar then let us introduce you the revolutionary BioFlex Aesthetics body contouring treatment.

How the Treatment Works?

The HIFU for body treatment involves the use of very high-intensity ultrasound heat that is targeted towards the fat cells in the body. The energy penetrates skin deep and works on the fat cells lying deep within. Over the subsequent weeks, the body works towards naturally removing the fat cells that were destroyed by the high-intensity ultrasound waves. The fat cells are then passed onto the liver that then filters them out via the body’s lymphatic channels.

In weeks, you get a more contoured, slimmer and attractive looking skin and waistline. Our HIFU for body treatments include procedures for your chest, abdomen, arms, thighs and legs. It takes about 4 to 12 weeks for the results to become clearly visible. 

Your body requires

this much time to process the treated and damaged fat naturally and eliminate it from the system to reveal real and desired results. There is no downtime associated with HIFU for body similar to HIFU for face which means you can easily carry on with your routine activities right after undergoing the HIFU for body treatment.

Treatments we do?

BioFlex Aesthetics deals in a wide range of HIFU Body treatments


Tired of having a bulging belly that just won’t go in? Get the perfectly toned tummy with Bioflex Aesthetics HIFU abdomen treatment.


Are your flabby flanks a constant source of embarrassment for you? Resolve the problem today by getting top-notch Bioflex Aesthetics HIFU for flanks.

Love Handles

If you cannot control your love handles from bulging no matter what, all you need is the Bioflex Aesthetics HIFU for body.


If you cannot fit in your favorite pants anymore because it tugs on your buttocks, book your Bioflex Aesthetics HIFU buttock treatment today and save yourself the misery.

Thigh Gap

Tired of having hardly any thigh gap due to bulky thighs? The advanced Bioflex Aesthetics HIFU is here to save your day by reducing thigh gap phenomenally

Bingo Wings

Are your bingo wings keeping you from looking as stunning as you’d like to be? Get the perfectly chiseled upper arms with Bioflex Aesthetics HIFU for body.

What Sets Us Apart?

We at BioFlex Aesthetics take our work and clients very seriously and passionately. When we put forth a commitment, we do it to the best of our expertise. By consulting us you can get benefit in the following ways from our most advanced laser equipment:

 We have state of the art skin cooling machines such as the MSWT Ice that instantly cools down your skin to ensure that you don’t experience any rash or skin condition after the treatment. It’s not noisy and ensures your skin stays cool unlike the competitive products out in the market that are noisy and have a short working time. It uses alternating magnetic fields that create shockwaves that not only provides a cooling effect, but also enhances your blood circulation and metabolism.

HIFU is often referred to as ‘lunch time face lift’ because it is quick and yields fast results. Our painless procedures will only leave you feeling fresh and youthful. The Dermolift FT ensures to provide you with bust toning, face tightening and neck lifting quickly and in a pain-free manner.

BioFlex Aesthetics HiFu body treatment results are very effective and instant!

All our HIFU face lifts are quick, only 20 to 30 minutes long so you will be in and out of our clinic within a while and impressively pleased with the results. Usually, this process spans over 60 minutes, but with us, it only gets more efficient and of course top quality courtesy of our cutting-edge equipment including Cyclone RF- S, Dermolift ST. Dermolift FT, Cavi GT, Dermolipo RP, VDFU Ice-Body and MSWT Ice.

The BFA facility is comfortable, warm and equipped with most advanced equipment including the Dermolift FT, an advanced and top-notch tool for face, neck and bust lifting, tightening and toning; Dermolift ST used for reducing wrinkles and fine lines; and the Dermolipo RF for collagen remodeling and development. When you step inside, you will be taken care of and will enjoy your time here.

You know you want that incredibly attractive and slender body.  You deserve it. Why don’t you give us a call, know more about our HiFu complete body treatment and schedule an appointment, and we’ll take it from there.  Our HiFu complete body treatment cost is worth try and you will witness the amazing results yourself. 

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