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Fat Grafting Procedure in Pakistan

If you want to get the desired body shape and skin and are looking for the best fat grafting procedure in Pakistan then you’re at the right place. BioFlex Aesthetics is offering fat grafting done by professional doctors to ensure good results. 

Wondering how fat grafting is done? Fat grafting is a cosmetic surgery that involves the removal of fat from one body organ such as the tummy or thighs and inserting that fat in another part for augmentation to even out the skin. 

The fat is removed by making small cuts on the skin and removing fat with the help of a tube. The fat is then processed and injected into the area that needs to be treated. 

You have to consult an expert to decide whether to go for fat grafting and how it will be beneficial for you. 

Who is it for?

Who Needs Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is great to get a figure that you deserve. It also corrects facial features. 

Sunken cheeks and thinning features
Sunken cheeks and thinning features

You can get cheeks fat grafting for contoured features.


Fat grafting breast augmentation is best to get the desired shape and size.


You can get the desired figure by losing fat from one part and adding it to another.

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Benefits of fat grafting

Fat grafting is a surgical procedure. It’s benefits include:


Fat Grafting Injections Process

1. Removal of fat

A cut is made and adipose tissue is removed with the help of a tube.

2. Fat processing

The extracted fat is processed to eliminate cellular debris.

Heating the skin

Safe radiofrequency waves heat the skin to boost collagen production.

3. Insertion of fat

That processed fat is infused. No cuts needed.

Our Technology

Fat Grafting Technology

In a fat grafting procedure, the unwanted fat is removed with the help of a tube similar to a liposuction tube. This fat is processed in an advanced centrifuge to get pure adipose tissue. For that, lipoaspirate is added to eliminate acellular oil, cell debris, and excess infiltrated solution. Now, this pure adipose tissue is inserted in the area that has to be treated. 

You can trust our expert doctors for professional autologous fat grafting with positive results. Bioflex Aesthetics offers a wide range of fat grafting treatments in Karachi and Islamabad. 


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