Facial Sculpting & Lifting

Facial Sculpting & Lifting

What is Facial Sculpting & Lifting?

When you know you are beautiful, it is only right when your face reflects your inner beauty. This isn’t possible with a skin covered with marks, wrinkles, lines, spots and sagging skin. The cutting edge and wide range of BioFlex Aesthetics facial sculpting and lifting treatments resolve the problem by giving you a nicely sculpted, toned and gorgeous face. 

Our Facial Sculpting Treatment is very effective and you will never regret investing money on it. Moreover, the Facial Sculpting Treatment results are more than awesome, you will witness an excellent change in your skin.

Want to know more about the Facial Lifting Treatment or Facial Lifting treatment cost? Keep reading and you will get the answers to all of your questions.

Benefits of the Treatment

Are you searching for the best Facial Sculpting & Lifting Treatment in Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Karachi? Then let us tell you in detail all the reasons why you need the BioFlex Aesthetics Facial Sculpting & Lifting for your skin.

Well-toned Face

Your perfect, well-toned face is only a few sessions away with BioFlex Aesthetics facial sculpting & lifting.

Wrinkle-free Face

Eliminate fine lines, wrinkles and age marks with remarkable results in just 20 minutes with BioFlex Aesthetics facial sculpting & lifting.

Supple Skin

To-notch BioFlex Aesthetics facial PRP treatment improves cellular growth giving you softer, flexible skin.

Glowing Skin

Bid goodbye to dull, uneven skin for good with the ultimate BioFlex Aesthetics radio frequency treatment.

Who is it for

The BioFlex Aesthetics Facial Sculpting & Lifting
treatments are perfect for you if:

  • Your face looks older than your actual age.
  •  Your skin is sagging and droopy.
  •  You want better skin elasticity.
  •  You want smooth, flawless skin.
  •  You want to look as radiant as ever.

How Does it Work?

We know you want to look and feel gorgeous. This is why at BioFlex Aesthetics, we help you sculpt, lift and contour your lovely face through a range of facial sculpting and lifting treatments:

HIFU treatment: The BioFlex Aesthetics HIFU facial treatment helps reduce nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin to make your skin look and feel softer, silkier, youthful and flowing than before.

Fillers & Botox: BioFlex Aesthetics facial fillers and Botox injections will improve the collagen production in your skin improving its overall elasticity and flexibility.

PRP: Platelet rich plasma aka PRP is a substance that promotes healing throughout your body when it is injected in it. It contains special proteins that help the blood clot and foster cellular growth. Injecting BioFlex Aesthetics PRP in your skin stimulates it to grow fresh, healthy skins that improve your skin’s tone, flexibility, elasticity and overall appearance.

Radio Frequency: BioFlex Aesthetics radio frequency treatment uses heat from radio waves to tighten and firm your skin to get rid of unwanted lines, wrinkles and folds so you feel younger and more beautiful than ever.

Consult BioFlex Aesthetics experts today to find out the right treatment for your skin. This helps you make the most of the amazing BioFlex Aesthetics treatments to get that youthful skin you have always wanted. Our Facial Sculpting Treatment cost is affordable!

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