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Face Dents Removal

Are you looking for face dents removal without using harmful chemicals? Here’s good news for you: face dents can be vanished through safe aesthetic procedures to get smooth skin, with no side effects. First you have to understand what face dents are. Face dents, also called pockmarks or pickmarks are caused when the deeper layer of skin gets damaged. As a result, concave shaped holes are formed that make skin uneven and rough. Dents in the face are most common and make cheeks look rough and saggy. 

Face dents can be corrected for a few weeks or months through chemical peels. As the name indicates, chemical peels use chemicals to remove the outermost layer of the skin. This causes redness and makes skin very sensitive. Chemical peels are harmful. They make skin more rough in the long run. A safe and effective way to get rid of these pockmarks is through cosmetic procedures. There are many ways to heal your deeper layer of skin without using chemicals and harmful substances. Bioflex Aesthetics offer some amazing non-invasive ways to correct them, making your skin smooth and youthful.

Pockmarks Treatment At Bioflex Aesthetics


Dermal fillers are a safe way to fill the scars caused by pockmarks. Your skin becomes smoother in texture.

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Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting is a natural way to fill the scars and face dents by restoring the volume of the face.

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Why choose us for face dents removal?

What is it?

Face dents and its causes

Face dents are the pockmarks that make skin uneven with the appearance of small holes. The deeper layer of skin gets damaged. As a result, more collagen is produced to heal that skin. But the collagen doesn’t match the original skin texture, making small concave shaped dents. 

So what causes face dents? Face dents are caused by acne, infections, and other skin conditions. Acne causes acne scars that make skin rough and uneven. Acne dents on face cause permanent damage to the skin that doesn’t heal on its own. Infections, like smallpoxs, leave scars after they’re healed. Any skin condition that causes pimples and marks can cause face dents in the long run. Face dents are different from temporary scars. Face dents can’t be healed and look more rough, like small holes. 

You can go for treatments to get rid of face dents. There is a chemical peel that can be applied after intervals. This peel removes the outermost layer of the skin to produce a new layer that will be smooth. But chemical peels have many side effects. They make skin very sensitive. In the long run, this treatment causes acne and blemishes, making the condition even worse. 

On the contrary, aesthetic procedures are safe and effective. They don’t pose any side effects in the long run. You can go for dermal fillers and fat grafting for face dents removal. These methods make skin texture smooth and vanish the face dents. Your doctor will decide how many sessions you need, based on your skin condition.

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