Double Chin

Double Chin Removal Non Surgical

Double chin and face fat mask your face features. You must have tried many exercises and diet plans before landing here. But let’s accept this: double chin doesn’t go away with exercises and diet, however opting for treatments such as a non-surgical double chin removal treatments will allow it to go away. Exercise and healthy diet is a great way to reduce weight and minimize the effect of double chin, but it won’t vanish.

So, wondering about ways that are effective to reduce double chin without any cut? At Bioflex Aesthetics, we offer double chin removal with aesthetic treatments that are safe and very effective. You’ll start noticing the difference just after your very first session. 

The fat melts with advanced technology without affecting the skin. You’ll just notice some redness and sensitive skin after the treatment. With proper care, you can easily heal your skin and get desired results.

Double Chin Treatment at Bioflex Aesthetics


A therapeutic technique to lift and tighten the skin around your chin, reducing double chin fat effectively.

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Radio-Frequency Treatment

It's a non-invasive fat loss treatment that helps in cellulite reduction using safe radio waves.

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Why choose us for double chin treatment?

What is it?

Double chin - Causes and Treatments

Double chin appears when the fat around your face accumulates on the chin. There are many factors that can cause double chin. Once formed, double chin removal isn’t easy. You can also experience face fat with the double chin, making it even worse. 

Double chin is very common among people who are obese. But it’s not only due to obesity. Double chin can also be caused by other factors. Loose skin also causes double chin. That is why as you age, you might experience double chin even if you aren’t overweight. Genetics also plays its part in forming double chin. You can inherit it and develop it even if your skin is not loose and you aren’t overweight. 

Now that you know the causes of double chin, you should also know how to remove face fat fast and safely. Double chin can be reduced with exercise and a healthy diet but it won’t go away. You can opt for non-surgical double chin removal techniques. The procedures involve safe radiations to melt this fat. Your doctor will guide you about the duration of treatment and its effectiveness. You will be able to notice the difference after the very first session and it will go away after the whole treatment. 

Aesthetic procedures to treat double chin don’t guarantee that it won’t come back. But with proper aftercare, you can avoid having a double chin again and get rid of it for good.

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