Face Conditions

Different Face Problems

BioFlex Aesthetics treats many different face problems, see below for the full list of face conditions that we treat. Click read more to find out more about the problem and the treatments we have available for you and your condition. 


Acne makes your face dull. It can get worse with chemical-based creams. Now get rid of acne with non-invasive procedures, safely.

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Eye Bags

Saggy skin results in eye bags and puffiness that make you look older and fatigued. No makeup or OTC creams can hide them.

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Double Chin and Face Fat

Eliminate double chin and face fat and rejuvenate facial features as you like with combined, effective treatments.

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Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Wrinkles and fine lines appear as the skin ages. These can be vanished to give you smooth and firm skin.

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Face Dents

Acne scars pitted scars, and face dents usually don't go, making skin look rough. They look even worse after applying makeup.

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Aging can make skin wrinkled, loose, and rough-textured. Now get youthful skin without side effects with non-invasive procedures.
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