Body Contouring

Body Contouring

When you enter a room, you surely want all heads to turn your way. You aspire to become the center of everyone’s attention. You want everyone to admire and love you. Accept it or not, but the truth is a well-formed, proportionate and attractive body only helps accomplish this goal faster. You need to look as good as you are from within. This is possible only if you have the perfectly chiseled body. Realizing your need, we have an amazing range of BioFlex Aesthetics Body Contouring treatments for men designed specifically to fulfill your demands. With every treatment process, you will look and feel stronger, more confident and younger than ever. Our treatment processes are tailored to your needs and take no longer than half an hour. Within 30 minute session, you move steps closer to sculpting your dream body.

Body Contouring Treatments

Our Body Contouring Treatments for men

Man boobs

Annoyed of having flabby man boobs sabotage your personality and confidence? Worry no more with the extraordinary BioFlex Aesthetics Body Contouring treatment that sculpts man boobs into a striking chest.

Upper & lower abs

If your abdomen is floppy and saggy, and no diet or exercise seems to give you those toned, tucked in abs you have always wanted, try the BioFlex Aesthetics Body Contouring for upper & lower abs, and the results will surprise you.


Those perfectly toned, brawny arms are only a few treatments away. The innovative, cutting edge BioFlex Aesthetics Body Contouring treatment for arms make sure you get the look you desire.


 If your heavy and disproportionate thighs disappoint and frustrate you, it is time to shape them into strong, striking ones with the BioFlex Aesthetics Body Contouring treatment designed specifically for men’s thighs.

What Sets Us Apart?

BioFlex Aesthetics is renowned for its finest and most technologically advanced treatments. We prioritize our clients and look after them well. Our team of experts and our range of top notch machinery only help you get the best possible treatment ever. Every treatment that we offer helps you move closer towards your dream body and life. Here are more reasons for you to trust us.

At BioFlex Aesthetics, we put our heart and soul in our treatments. We only want you to leave the facility feeling satisfied and pleased with your treatment. Our cutting edge machinery such as the MSWT Ice makes sure of that. This machinery takes good care of your skin by calming it down after the treatment so you don’t experience any type of skin rash or allergy. Not only that, but it also enhances your blood circulation so you feel more energetic after every treatment process.

Each and every type of BioFlex Aesthetics Body Contouring treatment process for men is 100% pain free and safe. All the body contouring treatments sculpt your body nicely and redefine it better than before without putting you through any pain and misery. What’s even better is you get to see fine results instantly.

Every single BioFlex Aesthetics Body Contouring treatment process for men takes no more than 30 minutes, some are even spread over just 20 minutes. You won’t get this anywhere else. How do we achieve great results in such little time: through our brilliant range of body contouring equipment such as Cyclone RF- S, Dermolift ST. Dermolift FT, Cavi GT, Dermolipo RP, VDFU Ice-Body and MSWT Ice. The treatments aren’t only efficient, but effective as well as you easily lose 2 to 3 inches off your body within 20 to 30 minutes only.

BioFlex Aesthetics has nicely combined an amazing state of the art facility with cutting edge equipment and innovative processes. This helps you get brilliant, unmatched results in very little time and only a few sessions. Be it the CAVI- GT to the Dermolift FT, we have the most advanced equipment ever that helps get rid of stubborn cellulite from your body within minutes helping you regain self-confidence and live your life happily.

You know you want that perfect muscular and chiseled look. The good news is we can help you achieve that. Book your BioFlex Aesthetics body contouring treatment today and step closer to your finest body ever!

Results & Benefits

Well-sculpted, highly defined, muscular body can be yours. Yes, you read it right. It is only a few BioFlex Aesthetics Body Contouring treatments away. Here is what you get to enjoy from our range of body contouring treatment sessions:

Well-toned Body and chest

The striking, brawny and chiseled upper body and chest that you have always wanted can be yours for good through the BioFlex Aesthetics upper body contouring treatment for men.

Chiseled Arms

Sculpt your arms nicely from flabby and sagging to well-defined and attractive courtesy of the BioFlex Aesthetics arm treatment particularly for men.

Tighten Your Man Boobs

Transform those annoying, flabby man boobs into flat and tightened ones that only enhance your overall appearance with the BioFlex Aesthetics treatment for man boobs.

Striking Thighs

Your desire to have those well-formed and proportionate thighs and legs can be fulfilled through the BioFlex Aesthetics thigh treatment for men.

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