Sagging Skin

Best Treatment For Sagging Face Skin

Are you noticing your skin losing its elasticity and want to improve it? The good news for you is that you can get firm skin with our safe procedures, without any harmful chemicals and side effects. These safe methods are by far the best treatments for sagging face skin.

Want to know more? Sagging skin is caused when skin loses its elasticity. It can happen due to aging, sun exposure, pregnancy, smoking, and weight loss. With some non-invasive aesthetic treatments, the skin is made firm and more elastic using a laser, radio-frequency, and other safe procedures that uplift your skin again, all with their own unique added benefits.

These procedures are safer than many over the counter creams that don’t improve sagging skin much and have side effects as well. So, if you want to have your youthful skin back then you can try these cosmetic treatments offered by BioFlex Aesthetics.

Sagging Skin Treatment at BioFlex Aesthetics


HIFU is a cosmetic procedure that uses ultrasound radiation to boost collagen production, making the skin firm.

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Improve sagging skin by radio-frequency that heats up the deep skin layers, boosting collagen production.

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Get total skin rejuvenation with mesotherapy. It's a safe procedure that tightens and prevents sagging skin.

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Threadlift is the best and safe loose face skin treatment that repositions the skin using thin threads.

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Gluta + Vitamin C shots

Gluta and Vitamin C shots are safe and effective as anti-aging treatment, reducing sagging skin as well.

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LED Light Therapy

LED light - particularly red light therapy - is used for sagging skin to boost collagen production by heating deep skin layers.

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Face PRP

PRP (platelets rich plasma) obtained from your blood acts as a matrix and is injected into your skin to boost collagen production.

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Safe fillers are injected that make the skin tighter and firm. It's a safe procedure with positive outcomes.

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Why choose us for sagging skin treatment?

What is it?

Causes of sagging skin and its possible treatments

Sagging skin appears when your skin starts to lose its elasticity. Skin sags due to many reasons like aging, sun exposure, weight loss, pregnancy, and smoking. Skin sagging during aging is unavoidable. Similarly, after pregnancy, the belly naturally loses its elasticity and it takes forever to get that firm skin back.

Skin loses its elasticity as collagen production is reduced and as elastin reduces (proteins). As a result, the skin starts to lose its natural elasticity and becomes loose. In the case of weight loss, losing fat makes the skin loose, this happens in case of sudden weight loss, pregnancy, and certain illnesses.

When the causes of sagging skin are known, you can try certain treatments to get your youthful skin back. A few topical creams that have retinol make your skin firm, but not to a noticeable extent. Also, these creams can have side effects, especially for breastfeeding mothers, so it’s best to avoid them.

Instead – go for safe, non-invasive procedures to improve sagging skin. Microneedling for sagging skin generates new collagen, making skin smoother and firmer. Other treatments such as LED, laser, and radio-frequency are used to boost collagen production. You also try face PRP for reducing cheek sagging skin, and Gluta + Vitamin C shots for a loose face skin treatment. All these techniques are modern and safe – and are being considered the best treatments for sagging face skin as they use no harmful chemicals.

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