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Bald Hair Treatment: Do you want your hair back?

Hair loss (Alopecia) is a common condition that occurs due to various reasons. If you’re experiencing hair loss and want to have your thick hair back through a safe bald hair treatment, then read further.
If you’re noticing extreme hair fall that won’t go away with oiling and using mild shampoo and conditioner then it’s better to consult your doctor. Your doctor will perform a test to see whether your hair fall is due to weak hair and your scalp is unscarred or you’re losing hair because of scarring of scalp. Once diagnosed, you can get safe aesthetic procedures to help regrow your hair. Aesthetic procedures are one of the best male or female pattern baldness treatments. So, you can give it a try and you’ll notice the regrowth of hair after a few sessions!

Bald Hair Regrowth Treatment At BioFlex Aesthetics

Hair PRP

PRP is injected in the scalp. It's widely used for male pattern baldness. So it's the best hair treatment for male pattern baldness.

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What is it?

Hair loss causes and hair growth treatment for bald spots

Hair loss is a common condition and everybody experiences it at some point of their life. Approximately 2 in 3 men will experience some amount of hair loss after the age of 35, hence why male baldness treatments are much more popular than hair loss treatments for women. If you notice extreme hair fall and hairs don’t come back, then it’s a problem. Hair loss or baldness is mostly genetic. But it can also occur in case of hormonal imbalance, postpartum phase, and treatments such as chemotherapy. If the cause of baldness is known and the scalp is unscarred then you can possibly get your hair back through aesthetic procedures.
One of the aesthetic procedures is hair PRP (platelet rich plasma). In this procedure, PRP (obtained through your own blood) is injected in your scalp to stimulate hair growth. As a first step, your doctor will perform various tests to know whether you’re a good candidate for this bald hair treatment. After that you’ll be called for a few sessions based on your condition. Your doctor will give you a brief about all the pros and cons of getting aesthetic procedures for hair loss.
So it’s vital to select a well-qualified doctor for bald hair treatment and a highly professional aesthetic clinic with necessary equipment and staff.

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